Welcome to our Anointed Ground Church web site!

We are so pleased that you chose to visit us, and to learn more about our church. We are so thankful to God, for all that He has done for us a body of believers. Anointed Ground Church was birthed November 10, 2002, through much prayer and trust in Almighty God! The vision had been plainly given, and Pastors Joseph and Patrice Reeves, began the journey with the vision and trust in God!

Many doors began to open, and the favor of God began to manifest in so many ways with God and man. As our leaders began to call forth people from the north, south, east and west, the people began to come. The vision that was placed in their hearts was being fulfilled.

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     God saw our faithfulness and commitment and blessed us at Anointed Ground Church with our new sanctuary. As you look through our web site, and get a glimpse of the wonderful blessings that God has showered us with, we pray that you will visit with us at Anointed Ground Church.

                                             "The Church Where the Anointing Changes Lives for the Better!"

"The Church Where the Anointing Changes Lives for the Better!"

During the early stages of Anointed Ground Church, God revealed to our leaders a place for us to worship.

When God provides He does all things well! We worshipped in a school cafeteria that was large enough, and provided all that we needed in that one place. For about eight years we worshipped, ministered, and continued to do the will of God. Even though we had to set-up every Friday for worship service on Sunday, the sacrifice and commitment and fellowship was worth it all.  After service on Sundays we would all help as a congregation, to put everything back into place for the school day on Monday.